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General questions

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Fwd is a simple social hiring tool that helps you in discovering hidden jobs and candidates from your friends and their friends.

Let's say you have 100 friends and they in turn have another 100. That's a total of 10,000 connections in your 2nd level network alone. And yet due to various reasons more often you are not aware of the jobs available in your own network. Fwd basically solves this problem. With Fwd, if a job gets created by your friend, groups or their friends, you'll be auto notified via alerts. Jobs are also discoverable through real time search.

Fwd leverages your phone book to create your social graph and unearth hidden jobs available at your friends, groups and their friends..


Questions regarding connections, friend requests and so forth

Connections are your friends who also have installed Fwd. Fwd reads your contact book to figure out who all are on Fwd and also have you as their contact. Fwd automatically makes you a connection with these contacts. And if only one side has the contact then the other side will get an auto-invite to accept other as a connection.

You can also connect to people by visiting their profile and sending a connection request.

Connection level informs you on how you are connected to a person. The following are different levels:

  • 1st - denotes that they are your direct friends
  • Group icon - denotes that they are members of the groups to which you also belong to
  • 2nd - denotes that they are the people who your friends know (i,e friends' friends)
  • 3rd - denotes that they are unknown to you. However, you can refer the connection graph to discover who can connect you to them.

For Job Seekers

Questions regarding jobs..

Nobody except you will know that you are looking for a job. We have designed Fwd keeping privacy as the atmost concern.

We have two option through which you can search:

  • Search via App: You can use the app's search features to explore available jobs in you network.
  • Alers: Alternatively, you can set an alert. And when new jobs pop up in your network, you'll be auto notified.

You can search for jobs available in your network, which basically includes jobs from your 1st level and 2nd level friends, along with your group members and their friends' jobs.
Finally, you can also search for 3rd level connections jobs as well.

For Employers

Questions regarding jobs..

Fwd is basically a Social hiring tool. It helps you in finding quality referrals. The advantages of hiring people through referrals goes without saying. They are:
  • Faster to hire
  • Better retention. They tend to stick for longer periods.
  • Usually quality hires
  • Easy onboarding.
  • Finally, its very cheaper.

No, the service is free of cost. Just share your love by inviting your friends to the platform.

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