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What is FWD?

Hiring through referrals has immense benefits. But reaching out to the right people and spreading the word remains a big challenge. FWD takes a different approach and eliminates the task of reaching out altogether. It instantly establishes a virtual network of your 1st and 2nd level connections, and subsequently reaches out to the suitable candidates in your network automatically. Your friends dont even have to be on FWD.

How It Works

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Home page section

Smart Shares

More often not all the people you reach out to are in your phonebook. You may be connected to them through Whatsapp/FB groups or other social forums.

With Smart Share you can share the job link with anyone through any medium. And all that the person who wishes to share with the interested candidates in his entire network has to do is just click it. No profile setup, no installs, just a single click.

Furthermore, the link can also serve as a form for anyone who wishes to apply for the job. You can track all the data related, who applied, who shared it and who didnt - no more staying in the dark.

Total Control

Share the job with public, your entire network or a select few friends. Close or modify the job on the go.

Know Your Candidate

View endorsements, and see how how you are connected to the candidate. And who can provide a reference.

Proffessional Chat

Engage in 1:1 or Group chat. Unlimited members; Polls; View proffessional profiles; Share jobs and more.

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